Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can this art be rendered for large projects that require special printers or printing on fabric?


Answer:  Yes, it can.  We can save your file in EPS format upon request, which is what some legacy, large format printers use, and what you may need to have your work printed.  We will be glad to work directly with your printer on this.


2.  How is the art scalable?


Answer:  When you pay for your digital artwork you get two files, a PNG and a PDF file.  One is a raster and the other is a vector.  Vector files are scalable, meaning they can be scaled up in size and not lose quality.


3.  Why do I need my art to be scalable?


Answer:  With digital art that is scalable you can have it printed as large as you want pending there is a printer big enough and a computer that can handle the size requirements.


4.  What is a PDF file?


Answer:  Depending on what your PDF file is created with, it can be a vector or raster graphic.  In this case it will be a vector graphic and utilizes curves to create art lines, as opposed to a square pixel that PNG utilizes.  Vectors do not lose quality when scaled up.


5.  Do I need special software to edit the PDF file?


Answer:  Possibly.  There are free PDF viewers you can download, or some that may be included on your laptop or computer, but to edit graphics you'll need software like Adobe.


6.  Why do I need both a PNG and a PDF file?


Answer:  You can use the PNG file for either print or web, and it is determinate in size, making it ideal for small print projects.  The PDF is scalable and can also be used for print or web.


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