When working with ArcMap, tasks can be tedious and repetitious. Customizing your workspace can make routine tasks much easier and also save some time. With ArcMap's customize mode tool you can create your own toolbars and also incorporate 3rd party apps or add-ins to your workspace.


Analysis Procedures

To create an optimal workspace I created custom toolbars, context menus, drop-down menus and imported an add-in tool. In the customize mode in ArcMap, all of these extras can be created. In this assignment I created a custom Routes and Raster tool that included commonly used tools with a drop-down menu. The context menu reflected a tool used for many different tasks, and lastly, the add-in tool was imported to help with a specific calculation.








This image shows two of the custom toolbars with the result of the EasyCalculate add-in tool in the last two columns of the table.














Application and Reflection

The customize mode is something I plan on using quite a bit in ArcMap and it's something everyone can incorporate into their regular workspace preparation. Also, by settin up your workspace it helps in planning through your project.



Problem Description

As one of the GIS professionals in your place of work, you are tasked with helping light users customize their workspace with custom toolbars. This also includes importing an add-in tool for viewing Google street view of your current map.


Data Needed

Google Street View App -


Analysis Procedures

Based on different department needs of light users, an initial interview with each user will help determine what tools they use the most. After this is determined the goal is to simplify their workspace as much as possible with a custom menu in customize mode. A context menu will be added if necessary, too. Since the company deals in real estate sales, a Google tool will be imported, which will allow users to see their current map section in street view.






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